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How Did Beer Show Up in a Hawaiian Steam?

A hiker sniffed out the alcoholic contamination of a stream in Oahu, Hawaii.

A hiker sniffed out the alcoholic contamination of a stream in Oahu, Hawaii. When Hawaii News conducted its own tests of the stream’s water, using an independent laboratory, the water turned out to be 1.2 percent alcohol. How did alcohol end up in this stream?

So How Did the Beer Show Up in the Stream?

Environmental activist, Carroll Cox, said the water was toxic and would no longer support marine life. Upon investigation they found a leak in a storm drain pipe near Paradise Beverages. Paradise is one of Hawaii’s largest distributors of alcoholic beverages. The Paradise warehouse may be the culprit in contaminating the stream. 

Waipio, Oahu , Hawaii contaminated  stream

The Contamination Source

Since the alcohol content was so strong, it could become flammable. Cox alerted Hawaii’s State Department of Health. Meanwhile, Paradise Beverages, the Department of Health and the Department of Transportation, which owns the pipe, are all investigating the contamination’s source. 

How did alcohol get into this stream

The Damage Has Been Done

Cox said, “what we want to see here, in this case, is that the Hawaii State Clean Water Branch takes legal action against the DOT.” That would bind the DOT to take action against the person or persons responsible for the discharge.” Hawaii is a “fragile environment” and “constantly in danger of these kinds of spills”


The storm pipe has since been shut off, but the damage has been done. Perpetual threats, like these, to our water quality require vigilance as this event clearly shows.

If such accidental contamination can happen in beautiful, pristine Hawaii, then it’s not a stretch to see that contamination of water can happen anywhere.

The Organika Rainwater Difference:

Organika Rainwater circumvents the possibility of exposing people to contaminated water.  Our water is natural water that is “Organically Harvested.”  It is environmentally screened, and the rainwater is collected at “altitude” meaning it goes a distance above ground, away from any manmade, environmental toxins and contaminants). 

Organika Rainwater environmentally screened natural water,

Organika Rainwater has perfected a catchment system, which surpasses standards for the strictest commercial distribution.  At Organika, we own the property where the rainwater is collected, so we know where the water comes from and how it is handled.  All Organika’s production plants are in Texas and are licensed by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) water quality advisory.

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