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Organika Rainwater Launches Affiliate Program

The official launch of Organika Rainwater affiliate program

LIBERTY HILL, TX – The official launch of Organika Rainwater happened this past Sunday, August 29th, at Williamson County Cowboy Church in Liberty Hill, TX. Head Pastor, Corey Ross announced the partnership in front of his congregation during the 10:30 am service. 

At Harvest Ranch Distributor’s first affiliate, Williamson County Cowboy Church

“The launch day today, is the day that I believe that God has berthed something that is not just good for the church, but good for the country,” said Ross. Later he discussed how Organika Rainwater will benefit churches who are part of the affiliate program, “The affiliate church now has as a unique way to add finances to their budgets. It could help a youth group go on a mission trip or help build a building.”

After the service, attendees were invited to taste the Organika Rainwater for themselves. As a result, members purchased 800 cases and raised thousands of dollars for the church within a span of 30 minutes.

Organika Rainwater is natural water that is “Organically Harvested.” Fresh from the sky to your home, our rainwater has zero manmade toxins and contaminants.  

Deploying a direct distribution system, Organika is creating opportunities for groups just like Williamson County Cowboy Church, by cutting out the middle-man and putting the product directly in the hands of the people.

“We have a unique distribution format which redirects funds normally spent on freight, wholesale distributors, and retail grocers.  We put those funds in the hands of our Faith Affiliates rather than regular supply channels. This creates immense opportunity for fundraising for these participating groups,” said Butch Stoke, CEO of Organika Rainwater. 

This distribution system is offered first-hand with consistent benefits to affiliates as they are able to sell the product and keep all net profits to benefit their group. 

The launch of Organika Rainwater at Williamson County Cowboy Church can be viewed at


Organika Rainwater is environmentally screened and collected at “altitude” (meaning it goes a distance above ground, away from any manmade, environmental toxins and contaminations).  Oganika Rainwater has perfected a catchment system, which surpasses standards for the strictest commercial distribution, putting natural water cost-effectively directly in the hands of the people. All Organika’s production plants are located in Texas and are licensed by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) water quality advisory.  

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