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In 2014, Butch Stokes was challenged to confront one of the most concerning priorities to the military, safe drinking water for troops. Stokes turned his entrepreneurial thoughts and skill processes specifically toward clean and naturally secured drinking water.

Stokes quickly learned that the purest and most sustainable water source was not a new concept, but a generations old one…rainwater. However, no one had offered this staple resource for public consumption, and the current source for drinking water came from groundwater that was not sustainable and had been irreversibly contaminated by man.

Over a seven year period, Butch started researching and gathering experts on water. In the development, Stokes surrounded himself with leading world-class experts including hydrologist, Henry Hidell, of Boston, Mass. He also included USDA officials to further develop the technology in line with USDA guidelines resulting in the “Organically Harvested” structured format. He designed a revolutionary commercial rainwater catchment process, which resulted in two
pending patents filed regarding unique catchment and filtration processes, securing the first ever accreditation of “Organically Harvested” commercial water.


A good distribution plan for the water was puzzling Butch. For some reason, he was hesitant to put Organika into traditional supply channels.

One day, Butch had a conversation with Corey Ross, Cowboy Ministries Outreach Center, who was talking about a rain catchment system at his home. Like a light bulb, the idea sparked to have groups like Corey’s and other community groups be the distribution system for Organika Rainwater.

Redirecting funds normally spent on freight, wholesale distributors, and retail grocers, Organika is able to put those funds in the hands of different types of organizations (private, public, nonprofit and churches, regardless denomination). This distribution plan creates immense opportunity for fundraising for the participating groups


The taste of Organika Rainwater always wins because rainwater is 100% natural and always beats the taste of other brands who almost always add chemicals for disinfecting.

Taste testers constantly remark that Organika doesn’t have a taste, which in water is what you want! They also comment on how smooth the water is.

Our product is sustainable, rich in annual reserves, and uniquely unlimited worldwide.


Launched in Texas alone, the company plans on expanding nationwide within two years. A long-range goal is for Organika Rainwater to eventually benefit tens of millions of people around the world, who require affordable, improved, premium, quality drinking water.

Our Mission

Resourcing America’s Drinking Water with Organically Harvested Rainwater


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M.J. “Butch” Stokes
Founder & Chairman

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Frank L. Massey

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Corey Ross
Executive VP of Board & Distribution

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Bob Hidell
Hidell Int. Ind. Consultancy

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Kent Atherton
Consultant & Director

M. J. “Butch” Stokes

M. J. “Butch” Stokes, a logistics expert with over 45 years of experience. He designed and developed such products as the first 48’ & 53’ self-contained, double-stacked refrigerated (intermodal-containers), for transcontinental intermodal service. Stokes’s patented Top Lift Trailer, receiving the first full AAR certification of its type. The patented Top Lift Trailer still stands today, the future of intermodal service offering billions in cost savings specifically for the trucking and rail industry.

In 2014 Stokes was challenged to confront one of the most concerning priorities, safe drinking water for troops. The U.S. Military and the world today have intolerable exposures to unprotected premium-grade natural water.  Stokes turned his entrepreneurial thoughts and skill processes specifically toward clean and Natural, Secured, drinking water. Stokes research naturally was directed toward the increasing water markets, including the available reserves going forward, within the industry (long since mired in controversy), and well-documented instabilities.

Stokes quickly learned that the purest and the most sustainable water source was generations old, just not commercially and legally in accordance with current laws requirements. Rainwater history goes back to when time first began, yet shows no one has offered this staple resource Organically Harvested particularly since the evolvement of irreversibly contaminated groundwater, much-less on a commercial basis.

The first with uniquely secure security built-in. As a result, SFRS LLC designed a revolutionary commercial rainwater catchment process. Two Pending Patents filed regarding unique catchment and filtration processes, securing the first “Organically Harvested” commercial water. In the development, Stokes surrounded himself with leading World-Class expert Hydrologist – Henry Hidell of Boston, Mass, including USDA officials to further develop the technology in line with USDA guidelines resulting in the “Organically Harvested” structured format.

Frank L. Massey

Frank Massey is a partner, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. Massey is well respected as an outstanding independent business entrepreneur, based in Texas with more than 40 years of experience in food distribution, automobile dealerships, and wholesale auctions. For the past 10 years, Massey has become a leader in the asset recovery business for many of the nations
leading lenders.

Massy has founded many businesses with a long career of success in his ventures. He came out of retirement in 2008 to create S.C.A.R. a multi-million dollar asset recovery business based in San Antonio, Texas with 75 employees and six Texas locations from Dallas / Fort Worth to Brownsville. For the last 10 years, S.C.A.R. has experienced outstanding growth. Massey incorporated his four grown children, all business graduates with experience in other corporate environments into the business. This team of highly skilled leaders is now capable in a wide range of corporate structures.

Massey was immediately compelled to join SFRS. He was amazed at the broad scope and depth of the SFRS business model. He easily recognized the immediate and long-term contribution and benefit for tens of millions of people around the world who stand to immediately experience affordable improved premium quality drinking water. Stokes being very humbled and grateful, accepted Massey’s offer and engaged his gift of proven leadership and administrative skills.

Corey Ross

Corey and Jaime married in September 2000. They have 2 children, daughter Londyn; son, Seth … Parents, Ron (deceased) and Sharon Ross; brothers, Steve and Tim. Corey Was born in Casa Grande. AZ in May of 1969. At the time, his Dad, Ron Ross worked for John Wayne on the 26 Bar Ranch. Corey Started roping at age 3 … Switched from team roping to steer roping in 2011. He has served as an ordained minister since 1996 and with his wife founded Harvest Ranch Distributors in Liberty Hill, Texas 18 years ago. He currently serves as President of Cowboy Ministers Network which includes many of the Cowboy Churches across America. He holds services at PRCA rodeos in San Angelo, Texas; Corpus Christi, Texas, and at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Has recorded multiple Christian country music CDs. He also enjoys playing golf, and his favorite book is the Bible.

Bob Hidell

Bob Hidell is the founder of Hidell International Services and serves as an independent consultant for SFRS. He has provided consulting services to the beverage, bottled drinking water, food and nutrition industries since 1972. Hidell has for more than 50 years been considered the most renown expert in the world, still servicing the world daily in the field of Hydrology, and technical

Hidell International provides assistance in product permits and licensing, educational services, in the formulation of business strategies, mergers and acquisitions as well as turnkey development of beverage bottling facilities around the world.

Hidell has actively participated in the development of beverage industry organizations, trade groups and production facilities throughout the world. In 1995, his proposal to establish standards and regulate trade of mineralized water was adopted by the South American Free Trade Organization (MERCOSUR). He is a member of the Executive Committee and former board
member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

For SFRS, LLC, Bob consulted on the design of the catchment and filtration systems, designed the bottling operations, provides all technical expertise as well as regulatory oversight for all

Kent Atherton

Kent Atherton is the founder & CEO of Bloc Enterprises, a CT-based marketing, wholesale distribution, and e-commerce company dedicated to discovering disruptive solutions to large-scale problems through innovation, technology, and everyday products, which improve environmental sustainability and public health.
Bloc Enterprises launched the GOPure Pod in 2016, the smallest purifier on the planet, for the planet with the power to purify tap water everywhere. GOPure Pod features an innovative advanced ceramic technology, which works continuously to eliminate harmful contaminants, enhance taste and preserve freshness.

Prior to launching Bloc Enterprises, Kent’s 30+ year career in the media, advertising, and sports/event marketing industry included senior executive roles at CBS and DIRECTV, along with several entrepreneurial sports ventures he founded and led over many years. Kent has been an advisor to Butch Stokes, since the formative years of SFRS and will continue to serve as an independent consultant and non-executive director.