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Contaminants Flowing Straight from the Tap

Problem: Contaminants Flowing Straight from the Tap

Of the nation’s 200 largest cities, 25 cities were singled out as having the worst tap water in America.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the “Dirty Water Score” was due to the presence of chemicals and carcinogenic contaminants such as chloroform, bromate, or trichloroacetic acids.

The Contaminants are flowing straight from the tap. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) determined the scores based on the number of contaminants found in each city’s largest water utility and gave greater weight when those numbers exceeded the EWG’s public health guidelines, as established by federal or state public health authority. 

Organika’s Solution:
Organika Rainwater is collected in environmentally screened areas, remote from metropolitan areas where this contamination is happening. It contains zero manmade toxins and contaminants.

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