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The Organika Rainwater Process

Why Organika Rainwater Instead of Ground Water?  Did you know that all tap water we drink is ground water? Read on to learn more about the Organika Rainwater process.

When consuming tap water, Americans can also consume a dose of industrial or agricultural contaminants. These types of contaminants have been linked to cancer, brain and nervous system damage, developmental defects, fertility issues, and hormone disruption.

The Organika Rainwater Difference: 

Organika Rainwater is natural water that is Organically Harvested.

 It contains zero manmade toxins and contaminants.  As water filters through our earth, the very source of our water is contaminated –so much so that even spring, surface, and artesian waters are contaminated which makes “scrubbing” with chemicals necessary. Organika Rainwater is never touched by humans or the ground.

From Cloud to Consumer

Organika Rainwater sources water straight from the sky, from cloud to consumer, before it ever hits the ground. Our water is triple filtered, stored, and shipped in sterile conditions, with industry-leading, environmentally-safe packaging. Our rain collection locations are environmentally screened to ensure protection from known metropolitan pollutants and toxic contaminants. 

Our Rainwater Catchment System Process:

  • Collecting: Rainwater is collected at “altitude” (meaning it goes a distance above ground, away from any manmade, environmental toxins and contaminants.  Organika Rainwater has perfected an encashable catchment system which surpasses standards for the strictest commercial distribution.   
  • Screening:  The rainwater is then screened to remove any particles.
  • Storing:  The water heads into the first stainless storage tank, which protects the integrity of the water.
  • Filtering: The water is triple filtered, including infrared filtration, which finalizes the process.
  • Storing in Production tanks: Lastly, the water is held in stainless production tanks, until ready for distribution.  All the while, it is continually ozonated to maintain freshness.

The Organika Rainwater’s Solution

Organika Rainwater is completely sustainable, rich in annual reserves, and uniquely unlimited.  It’s fresh from the sky to your home and is a perfect solution to America’s water crisis.  

Organika Rainwater Instead of Ground Water? Absolutley!

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